About Us

Global Village Academy is an independent private organization created to:

a) Provide specialized information resources in business administration including specific areas such as organizational development and leaning, human resources management, strategic and operative planning and transformational leadership.
b) Provide to mature learners with flexible learning options, open access to continuing education and corporative training along with a wide variety of E-learning resources designed to meet  specific individual and organizational needs.

Our Mission

Use the internet resources to foster a sense of community and a collaborative learning environment among people who are interested in learning/updating their business management skills

Our Vision

Our vision is to be considered as a reliable, high-quality, specialized and professional source information on business management and competitiveness

Our Team

Roberto Alvarez, Ph.D.
Business Education Specialist

Erika Mitchell, MBA, MHE
Corporate Training Specialist

David Edwards, MBA
Corporate Training Specialist

Raul Alvarez, BSc
Technical Support